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        Next 3 Community Conversations are all about the Airport

        March 10, 2023

        Contact Information
        Driggs-Reed Airport

        253 Warbird Lane
        Driggs, Idaho 83422

        Teton Aviation (FBO)

        Phone: (208) 354-3100

        Airport Administrator

        Phone: (208) 354-2362 x 2195

        Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
        Friday 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

        Next 3 Community Conversations are all about the Airport

        Join Mayor August Christensen this Wednesday, March 15th, 5 - 6 pm in the Teton Aviation lobby for an hour-long discussion on General Aviation and emergency medical operations at the Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport.

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        First Ever Full-time Airport Manager at DIJ

        Meredith Fox is excited to call Driggs her new home and brings a wealth of experience to her new role.

        We think you might have questions on the Airport Runway Project!

        So, we've updated our FAQ page to help answer your questions!

        Approach flying like a fighter pilot with Angle of Attack

        Every sortie in the Navy we trained to use our Angle of Attack (AoA) indicator in all our flight regimes, especially landing aboard the aircraft carrier.  Even in general aviation (GA), flying with an AoA indicator is a safer, more precise and more comfortable way to fly.  This is especially true in the backcountry.  This article will explain why.

        How not to start learning aerobatics!

        Let us start by saying perhaps I did not choose the easiest route and I never expected to fully embrace aerobatics because, I hate to admit it, but I was afraid of flying.  I had no problem building and flying R/C planes but putting my life in a real plane that I was in charge of seemed to be where I drew the line.

        Youth flight opportunities

        There are several opportunities organized by the local Experimental Aircraft Association in Teton Valley for young people to fly for free.

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        left tree

        Airport Headquarters
        253 Warbird Lane
        Driggs, Idaho 83422


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